“Dream a Little Dream of Me”

Bonjour les amis! Today’s post has a special dedication to my wonderful big sister, miss Alyssa Loving Hause. It breaks my heart because I miss her, but for the past couple months my dear big sister has completely submerged herself into the french culture as she has been an au pair  to a few beautiful young children. For those of you who don’t know Alyssa, I’ll give you the basics that will hopefully help you to understand why she is my inspiration for this post.

1. Alyssa is the most beautifully unique  girl in the world.

2. Alyssa has the most kind and adventurous heart, which allows her to essentially do anything and everything.

3. Alyssa is SO European despite the fact that she is American…or Philippineano…Hm, I don’t know take your pick!

Of course when I found out Alyssa was moving to Paris for six months, I completely hated all things French related. So much so that i even found it hard to order french fries at a restaurant (i can be a little dramatic). I’ll admit that even though I still have a bitter spot in my heart for the Eiffel Tower, and crepes I have come to be very happy for my lovely friend, and you are about to see why…

French Kiss is a beautiful film directed by Lawrence Kasdan in 1995, starring Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, and Timothy Hutton. I don’t remember the first time i saw French Kiss. I was five when it hit theaters, but it’s my Dad’s favorite romantic film so i am assuming I’ve been watching it since then. My absolute favorite element of this movie is its sound track. The only french words I “know” are found on the French Kiss soundtrack…I still have no clue what I’m sining…Maybe I should google it. Nonetheless, its beautiful. They warm my heart, and remind me of my dear papa so give it a try!

Beautiful South – Les Yeux Ouverts lyrics
Les Negresses Vertes – Les Yeux De Ton Pere lyrics
Kevin Kline – La Mer lyrics
Louis Armstrong – La Vie En Rose lyrics
Charles Trenet—verlaine lyrics
Mama Cass – Dream A Little Dream Of Me lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald – I Love Paris lyrics
Charles Trenet–Verlaine (Chanson D’automne) lyrics
Van Morrison – Someone Like You lyrics
Paolo Conte – Via Con Me lyrics
Zucchero – Feels Like A Woman lyrics
I Love Paris [ella Fitzgerald] lyrics
Feels Like A Woman [zucchero] lyrics
Les Yeux Ouverts [south Beautiful] lyrics
Via Con Me [paolo Conte] lyrics
Someone Like You [van Morrison] lyrics
Dream A Little Dream Of Me [mama Cass] lyrics
Verlaine (Chanson D’automne) [charles Trenet] lyrics
La Vie En Rose [louis Armstrong] lyrics
Les Yeux De Ton Pere [les Negresses Vertes] lyrics

I am a HUGE Meg Ryan fan so I’d have to say that she is my second favorite part of the film. She is beautiful and brings “Kate” to life in a very sophisticated yet free-spirited way. She has an attractive personality like that of Audry Hepburn….or Alyssa Hause.

Okay okay, I’ll give Paris some credit. It is stunning. The scenery of French Kiss has always left me breathless….But it wasn’t until now that really see and appreciate all the beauty offered within the film.

So..without further adieu.

French Kiss in its most beautiful form…

Photo credit: Alyssa’s ipod…(I assume)


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