Creative Research Project


This post is going to be a little different than the rest. I’m going to take a break from the movie scene and talk a little bit about my creative research project for TCOM 365. I think we all can agree that social media has impacted society greatly. Not only that, but as the years progress, social media continues to grow and play a crucial part in advancing our society as it evolves.

But where is the proof? What is something in society that social media is helping advance right before our very eyes?


Youtube, facebook, myspace, and twitter are all social media tools all created within the last ten years….but how have they had any effect on the music industry?

lets take a look shall we…

Youtube– created in 2005 and designed to generate video’s of movie clips, tv clips, music, and personal video blogging. Here is where you can find many interesting facts and stats about where Youtube has been and where it is today. Lets look at some examples of artists who were discovered on Youtube and are now professional musicians…

1. Owl City

2. Justin Beiber

3. Akon

4. Jason Derulo

5. Rhianna

Personal referrences—> Christina Grimmie. I went to elementary school with Christina, but she is a few grades under me so I didn’t know her all that well. Recently I have found her “channel” on Youtube and see that she is a VERY popular artist. She does a lot of covers, but also has original work. Through her video posts she has had many opportunities including recently landing on Selena Gomez’s summer tour. Check her out HERE.

—> Dinner and a Suit. This is a band from my home town, with members including a brother-in-law, boyfriend, and something like a cousin. Most of their channel is focused on original songs but they too have done many covers. One of their covers, “In the Mourning” by Paramore, was discovered by lead singer Hayley Williams and posted not only to the Paramore website, but also her personal blog. Check their Youtube channel out HERE

Facebook and Myspace– Facebook  and myspace were not originally created with bands in mind…but they have since then changed. Facebook and Myspace now have opened up to musicians to allow music, chatts, links, references, photos, videos, and much more to be posted and viewed from anyone in the world. Not only have these sites broadened what muscians can share, but it has also linked available music to anyone, anywhere. Over the last few years Myspace has faded out on a personal use, and now almost entirely used as a music sharing resource.

Twitter–  HERE it is…Twitter allows “followers” to give…”status updates.” In 140 characters you can tell the world what you are doing, seeing, eating, watching, listening to, etc. You can post links, pictures, and recordings. Unlike other social sites like Facebook and Myspace, twitter allows its users to “follow” whoever they want, without having a mutual exchange. For that reason alone MANY famous people use twitter. It is a perfect way for someone in the limelight to connect to their fans and give updates without chaos. A user could have a million followers and be only following one person…or no one at all! Through twitter bands are able to give reminders of shows, cd releases, website updates, and new video posts. Just like Youtube, Twitter is spreading NEW music across the web and the world.

Through Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter the music scene has completely changed. These sites have opened up unless possibilities for discovery, and a connection to world wide music, like there has never been before.


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