Whats new and now playing

All this movie theater talk has gotten me interested in the hype of what is soon coming to the big screen and reviews of “whats new” and “now playing.” First we’ll look at whats out now…ratings, reviews and all that such good stuff. Then, there’s what to expect in the next few weeks.

So…Right now

The Adjustment Bureau PG-13 99 min.
African Cats G 89 min.
Arthur PG-13 110 min.
Atlas Shrugged Part I PG-13 102 min.
Battle: Los Angeles PG-13 116 min.
Beastly PG-13 95 min.
Black Death 100 min.
Born to be Wild 3D G 40 min.
Ceremony R 89 min.
The Conspirator PG-13 121 min.
Desert Flower R 120 min.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules PG 96 min.
The Double Hour 102 min.
Elektra Luxx R 100 min.
The Grace Card PG-13 102 min.
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold PG-13 90 min.
Hanna PG-13 111 min.
HappyThankYouMorePlease R 98 min.
Hop PG 90 min.
I Am 76 min.
I Saw the Devil 144 min.
In a Better World 119 min.
Incendies R 130 min.
Insidious PG-13 98 min.
Jane Eyre PG-13 121 min.
Kill the Irishman R 106 min.
Limitless PG-13 105 min.
The Lincoln Lawyer R 119 min.
Mars Needs Moms PG 88 min.
Meet Monica Velour 97 min.
Miral PG-13 112 min.
Paul R 100 min.
Rango PG 107 min.
Red Riding Hood PG-13 100 min.
Redland U 104 min.
Rio G 96 min.
Scream 4 R 103 min.
Soul Surfer PG 105 min.
Source Code PG-13 94 min.
Stake Land 98 min.
Sucker Punch PG-13 120 min.
Super 90 min.
Take Me Home Tonight R 114 min.
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family PG-13 105 min.
Water for Elephants PG-13 97 min.
Win Win 106 min.
Winter in Wartime R 103 min.
Your Highness R 102 min.
I am sad to say that I’ve only seen a handful of these. Hanna and Water for Elephants are fantastic (see my previous blogs for more info). Red Riding Hood was a pleasant surprise with a great surprise ending. I was reading for a predictable plot, but was pleasantly proved wrong. I saw Insidious a few weeks a go and I am still having a hard time forming an opinion. There were definitely good elements, but I think I need to see it again to really know what i thought. Though, scary movies the second time around are usually a drag…But I’ll definitely give it another go.
Sucker Punch
Your Highness
Source Code
Will be viewed soon and reported on promptly after.
In the mean time…Please go HERE to cure your curiosity.
What to expect this week…
Fast Five
Opening in Wide Release
Rated PG-13.
Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil
Opening in Wide Release
Rated PG.
Opening in Wide Release
Rated PG.
13 Assassins
Opening in Limited Release
Rated R.
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Opening in Limited Release
Rated PG-13.
Exporting Raymond
Opening in Limited Release
Rated PG.
The Arbor
Opening in NY only
Not Rated

Coming Soon…
Jumping the Broom preview
Something Borrowed preview
Thor preview
The Beaver preview
The Silent House preview
For your future movie curiosity.

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